Update on Infinite Campus Student Portal

You will need the Web Browser Firefox to use Infinite Campus if you are using a Mac. 

PC computers will pick up Infinite Campus automatically.

Click the link below for a free download.



Instructions for logging on the student portal:

Website address:


User id is Student ID number (10 digit number on upper right hand corner of the progress report)

Password is date of birth.   Do not use hyphens in the birth date:  example 02-28-08 would be 022808. 

If any parent disables the account (for any reason) or cannot get in (the system will automatically enforce going to a strong password.  The parent will have to email (passwordic@warren.kyschools.us) to request access.  The parent must include the student’s full name (not nickname) and the school’s name (WCHS).  The emails will be checked and a reply will be sent directly back to the parent with instructions on how to log in. Enforcing a strong password means that the parent will have to use a combination of capital letters, lower case letters and numbers for future access.


WCHS Accessing Student Grades

Using Infinite Campus